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To get FUTEREUM (FUTR) send ETH to:


listed on CREX24

To get FUTEREUM X (FUTX) send ETH to:


Note: Cryptocurrencies are volatile. We strongly advise our customers to ensure beforehand that this product is suitable.

The World’s First Smart Contract Enabled Utility Derivatives

FUTR/X are utility derivatives enabled via the Futereum Smart Contract and powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine. By employing a Fibonacci algorithm in the process of undertaking a reverse-mining of Ether (ETH), FUTR/X simulate Ether Derivatives Contracts while giving miners whitelisted early access to similar future product releases. Created by a former Ethereum developer in combination with leading financial engineers, FUTR/X offer miners Ether-based derivatives. The result is that FUTR and FUTX generate many times the amount of Ether they mine on small price moves in ETH via swaps exchanges.

How FUTR & FUTX Harness Three Types of Blockchain Payment Utility

FUTR/X employs a Fibonacci algorithm in the Ether-based mining of its smart contract, and then after a fixed period it applied a different linear algorithm in the exchange of FUTR/X tokens back for the Ether that was used to mine it initially.

Core Utility

Utility that pertains to the token’s core functionality. FUTR’s core functionality is as a proof-of-membership stake in The Futereum Foundation project which enables white-listing for priority payment utility to future projects.


The exchange of Crypto with other Crypto in the form of trading is the first form of utility to blurs the line between payment mechanism and payment receipt. FUTR harnesses this utility to execute two exchanges on alternate algorithms.

Derivative Utility

Derivative Utility – After ETH mines FUTR, a smart contract holds the ETH safely for a fixed period and then switches it back for FUTR on a different algorithm to the one that mined it, creating leveraged-simulated returns.


Jan 1 – Feb 1

  • Pre-exchange mining for FUTR

Feb 2

  • List on 1 Exchange

Feb 3 – Mar 31

  • If during this period Level 5 is completed, early FUTR-A mining oppurtunity will open for anyone who has mined a min. of 1,000 FUTR thus far.
  • FUTR listed on 2x more exchanges.

July 1 – Aug 2

  • Preexchange mining for FUTR-A ( no min. holding )
  • FUTR-A will list on one exchange

Oct 3 – Dec 31

  • If during this period Level 8 is completed, early FUTR-B mining opportunity will open for anyone who has mined a min. of 10,000 FUTR thus far
  • FUTR-A will list on 2x more exchanges

Jan 1 -Feb 1 (2019)

  • Pre-exchange mining for FUTR-B

Feb 2 (2019)

  • FUTR-B will list on exchange

Feb 3 – Mar 31 (2019)

  • FUTR-B listed on 2x more exchanges

Incentives for FUTR Holders



..whitelisted access to The Futereum Foundation’s roster of dynamic utility derivative based projects



..and secure Ether-based derivatives contract simulation tailor-made for the Blockchain, resulting in dramatically increased appreciation of underlying value



..mining process whereby FUTR smart contract owners are presented multiple entry points throughout the life cycle of the mining and re-exchange of FUTR with ETH


Deadline for tiers filled: GMT: Saturday, January 5, 2019 9:12:07 PM

Swap start: GMT: Monday, February 4, 2019 9:12:07 PM

Swap end: GMT: Saturday, February 9, 2019 9:12:07 PM

Deadline for tiers filled: GMT: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 4:45:20 PM

Swap start: GMT: Thursday, May 31, 2018 4:45:20 PM

Swap end: GMT: Saturday, May 5, 2018 4:45:20 PM

FUTR is a long-cycle futer and FUTX is a short-cycle futer for Ethereum Blockchain

Copy and paste the following address into your wallet and send ETH to mine:

FUTR: 0xc83355eF25A104938275B46cffD94bF9917D0691

Copy and paste the following address into your wallet and send ETH to mine

FUTX: 0x8b7d07b6ffB9364e97B89cEA8b84F94249bE459F


Important Notes – Read Before Sending ETH

Do not use an exchange wallet!

Make sure your gas limit is at least 60,000. The transaction requires more gas as it sends the tokens will be sent immediately to you in the same transaction.

Please be advised: We suggest that miners read the White Paper before mining FUTR in order to better understand it’s multi-utility characteristics.


FUTR Cycle 1 Mined


FUTX Cycle 1 Mined

Last Updated: Thursday, 22 February, 2018 02:25 UCT


What is a Futereum Utility Token (FUTR)?

Futereum (FUTR) is a revolution in payment utility economics. First and foremost it is a smart contract on the Ethereuem network which allows anyone to harness returns for ETH similar to those created via a financial futures contract on any global financial market. At the same time, FUTR is a unique payment utility that works like a call option on the payment currency itself. In this way, merchants are able to charge their customers progressively less over time while making much more in treturn for the same goods and services.

How does FUTR achieve these things?

Primarily by employing a Fibonacci algorithm in combination with the Ethereum Blockchain’s smart contract functionality, when combined with price fluctuations in the underlying mining currency Ether, FUTR harnesses net present value at all times better than any other currency on the Blockchain.

Who can mine FUTR?

Anyone can use ETH to mine increasing difficulty levels of FUTRs over a 12-36 month time frame, in much the same way as original Proof-of-work miners use electricity costs to mine POW Crypto. After the predetermined period, FUTR holders are eligible to swap FUTR for a commensurate amount of ETH that is held by the smart contract.

Who developed FUTR?

We are a team of three tech and finance experts who work with listed Fortune 500 companies, in the development of digital, mobile and Blockchain applications. Since the Futereum’s smart contract source code is published however, we don’t see any reason to make ourselves public figures right away. In our view, far too much of supposed Crypto innovation these days revolves around personalities, politics and appealing to personal preferences. That is not what Crypto is about. Crypto is about building amazing, trustless applications that anyone can use without having to be concerned with who is behind them. Over time we will develop a private company part-beneficiary of the foundation that will undertake more public management positions. This is not necessary for the time being however.

How is FUTR different to ETH?

FUTR is a utility derivative of ETH. That means its exchange utility – being the unit of value that is mined via ETH and traded on exchange – is derived directly from ETH’s exchange utility. Hence there is a core connection between the performance of ETH and the performance of FUTR. FUTR is also the denominator currency of the FUTR dollar (F$). For more on this see the White Paper available via this website.

Is FUTR traded on an exchange/listed on CoinMarketCap?

Within 12 months, FUTR will be traded on a minimum of 3 major exchanges. FUTR will list on the first exchange on February 2, 2018 and will then apply for a listing. The January 2018 period is left available purely for thise who wish to mine FUTR, and it is during this period that FUTR is likely to be at the very rock-bottom value it will ever sell for on any exchange.

How Does FUTR payment utility work?

By harnessing derivative utility, whereby mining becomes more or less expensive to do partly as a result of the ETH price and partly as a result of the mining level, FUTR offers merchants and service providers a way to charge less to their customers even as they potentially receive more in return. We expect that the merchant accepting FUTR should record a sharp rise in revenue at the start of every mining level as customers seek to take advantage of paying in less FUTR for the product(s) or service(s) concerned even as those same customers are getting a relative discount on the pricing.

When is the next Futereum Foundation product launch?

Between April and July 2018, depending on how aggressively FUTR is being mined.

What is the Futereum Foundation?

The Futereum Foundation is an Organization based in Panama established by Futereum founder and ex-investment banker James Hurst in order to oversee the core development of Futereum derivative utility tokens for blockchain. It has an independent board of governors who primarily ensure that project funding is correctly administered critical project milestones are met in a timely manner.


For more information and gas settings on obtaining FUTR and FUTX:


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